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Grapeseed brow serum; to nourish and promote hair growth. My secret recipe for fuller, healthier brows. PLUS IT SMELLS LIKE GRAPE JUICE 🧃 😍

Use 2 x a day morning and night, can be brushed through the brows and then allow to dry before applying any other brow makeup. 

Do not pluck your eyebrows during this time to allow them to re-grow. 


1 x brow mascara containing grapeseed oil, and vitamin E.

What’s different about this serum over others?

Grapeseed oil is quickly absorbed, making it a go-to natural moisturizer for many beauty gurus. Leaving the hair shiny but non-greasy.

One hot topic surrounding grapeseed oil is how effective it is against hair loss. Due to its high content of OPCs, grapeseed oil stimulates hair cell production, which may prevent or slow hair loss.

This is promising news for those who struggle with pattern hair loss or thinning hair. There is even some evidence that grapeseed oil can speed up hair growth.


Grapeseed oil contains up to 95% of OPCs, the most of any other antioxidant. The appearance of these OPCs lowers the production of dihydrotestosterone or DHT.

This is a hormone that is linked to baldness, particularly androgenic alopecia, also known as pattern hair loss.


This brow serum will nourish your natural hair, it cannot make hair grow where there is no hair follicles. But it can help promote the strength and growth of the hair you have. It’s really important you refrain from plucking during this time, as you may be removing hairs that need to re-grow.